Our vision as an enterprise is "To become a recognized industry leader that through the Pride, Passion and Performance of our people delivers the "Ultimate Customer Experience."
The question that I am always asked is, "How do we do that?" and my answer always is...with "Leadership".

We’ve all become adept at managing: managing budgets, timesheets, inventory, training, scheduling, payroll, invoices and paperwork, and I recognize each of you for that; but if we are to reach our goal of “Delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience” it will be through our people and people need leaders.

Regardless of the position you hold, you are a leader. 

The investment made in each of you through this new program will make you better at what you do, give you additional knowledge and skills to seek higher positions, gain more confidence in yourself and ultimately make you a more effective leader.

Please look at this as an opportunity; take this program as seriously as I do, make the time, reflect on what you learn, apply the new knowledge and develop the new skills to become that great leader so we all can reach that finish line together.  

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