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Recognizing Harassment in the Workplace
30-Minute Training Module Plus Final Exam

Download the Workplace Harassment Examination Here

While this workplace harassment training module is intended for Operations, District and Account Leaders as part of their Management Certification Program, we strongly encourage all Account Leaders to expose every front-line associate to this short, yet very important, informative module. 

You can gather associates together and view as a group, then distribute a hard-copy of the final examination for all to complete for their associate file.  After completing the training module, you can download the exam to give to your associates Here.

Remember to file completed quiz in each associate's file on site.

Why  is Harassment Training Necessary for All Associates?

What  is the harm in a little "break room" banter and light teasing between TeamMates? 

First of all, think about bullying in school; it often escalates. Something may start out small, but before you know it the molehill has grown into a mountain and what started out as harmless fun suddenly turns into  a prank that embarrasses or hurts another's feelings.

When the fun turns ugly, the resulting atmosphere can create an unfriendly work environment that leads to low associate morale, low productivity and if word gets out, a disastrous public image - one that drives associates, customers and business away.